Day 70 of 196 – Legume packed soup and energy balls

Day 70Just two more lunches to pack after this one and we will be on holiday! Although I take great pleasure in packing these lunches, it is still hard to stay motivated and excited to do it every day which means that we are ALL looking forward to the school break.  On tap for school tomorrow: a warming bowl of spiced fava bean and brown rice soup in a tomato broth. Will pack this up in a thermos in the morning. Added some sweet mango and pomegranate seeds as well as a couple of chocolate energy balls for a healthy treat

Day 69 of 196 – simple soba and veg

Day 69Lunch is all set for school tomorrow: soba w veggies and sprouts w a lime, ginger and tamari sauce (in the squeezy pig on the left), cucumber spears, lychee, kiwi and pomegranate. Packed 4 chocolate coated savi seeds for a treat – they are high in omega-3 – but am willing to bet that one my kids will suck off the chocolate and send home bare seeds.  Update: this is exactly what happened!! An otherwise empty lunch box came up with some bare seeds!!

Day 68 of 196 – Pita sandwich and the countdown to winter break

Day 68Just 5 days until the break and we are all counting down! Quick and easy lunch: smoked tofu (it is labelled as tofu bacon and although it has been more than 20 years since I have eaten meat, I am certain that this is nothing like bacon and everything like tofu!) and veggie pita sandwiches (lovely fresh veg from our csa, tofu from St Lawrence Market) and some sliced apple. Easy lunch as we race out the door. 

Day 67 of 196 – Back on the green wagon

Day 67After a nearly 6 year long break from many green vegetables, my big kid is finally back on the green bandwagon!! We came across this recipe in Jamie magazine and after swapping out the broccoli (it doesn’t always smell so great by lunchtime) for some green beans, we whipped it up (so simple – make croutons, cook eggs, blanch veggies and toss in a pan w garlic and vinaigrette; assemble) and packed it for lunch. It is a nice vegetable and protein filled lunchtime salad. Added some cherries and kiwi and celebrated green vegetables and the last day of the week!!

Day 66 of 196 – Salad and savoury latkes

Day 66It is the 4th night of Chanukah and by request, I have made latkes again and I think these might be my new favourites. They are essentially the latke version of aloo gobi – a combination of cauliflower, potato and onion with turmeric, cumin, coriander and a bit of curry powder and bound w chick pea flour. I have packed a stack of them w a squeeze bottle of tamarind chutney and zesty salad w mango, pickled persimmon, pomegranate and spinach

Day 65 of 196 – Speedy tomato soup

Day 65Super speedy soup lunch packed for school tomorrow. Whipped up a quick pot of tomato soup (quickly sautéed some onion, carrot and celery in a pot, added some garlic after 5 minutes and then a can of tomatoes and some stock. Pureed the soup and was ready to go!) when we walked in the door. Some will be for dinner and the kids will take insulated bottles of it for lunch tomorrow. Added some edamame for protein, fruit, a handful of popcorn that we sprinkled w some cinnamon and a piece of chanukah gelt for a treat!   Popcorn is a popular lunch box item around here and since digging out my old hot air popper, my kids can whip some up themselves and then raid the pantry for a tasty topping.

Day 64 of 196 – the second night of Hanukkah

Day 64It’s the second night of Hanukkah and another opportunity to eat latkes! I made these mini vegan latkes from some gorgeous blue potatoes and leeks – both local from my #csa – and some chickpea flour. They are packed w a couple of savoury toppings – some tomatoes and basil and some corn, sweet pepper and black beans. Added some fruit and kids can hardly wait for lunch (they didn’t wait – these latkes are long gone!!)

Day 63 of 196 – the first of many posts to get caught up…

Day 63Back to business here on!  After a few busy months, I am getting back on track and getting caught up on the site.

From day 63 – party food leftovers on tap for school tomorrow. After a fun afternoon spinning dreidels, playing games and running around like maniacs with their cousins my girls have a school lunch of bits and pieces: baked samosas w mango chutney, vegetables, fruit and a piece of chocolate Hanukkah gelt (the coin in the middle) for a treat. 

Day 62 of 196 – lunch on the go

Day 62Lunch all set for an action packed day at school. Both kids will be out of school for the day – one on a field trip and the other at a swim meet so need an easy to transport lunchbox to take with them when they walk to their destinations. Packed a little loaf of vegan gluten free buckwheat banana bread, a selection of fresh veggies, a hard boiled egg and will whip up a couple of fruity smoothies in the morning

Day 61 of 196 – Granola parfaits for lunch

Day 61Breakfast for lunch: made some granola this afternoon (intended for breakfast) and the girls asked to have it packed up for school lunch tomorrow. The granola is a mix of oats, quinoa flakes, hemp hearts, seeds, dried cherries, cacao nibs and spices. I have packed it with some coconut yogurt for one kid and will pack it with some Greek yogurt for the other. Added some fruit to mix in and some little cucumbers for crunch. Added a few chocolate buttons for a treat.