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Day 63 of 196 – A lunch of bits and pieces

lunch 63A lunch of bits and pieces is on tap because my girls like variety and also because Sunday afternoon arrived sooner than I expected! Strips of colourful carrots, strawberries and blackberries, roasted curried chick peas (fast, so easy and “the best ever”), pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes and some Trader Joes edamame crackers. The piece de resistance is the delicious chia energybar that I whipped up this afternoon from a recipe from King Arthur Flour. Vegan and full of goodness – oats, flax, quinoa, chia, dried berries,  hemp hearts, cacao nibs, a handful of dark chocolate chips (the key to happykids ), sunbutter (so that they are nut-free and school safe), maple syrup and cinnamon. Softer than the granola bars I made a couple of weeks ago but perfect if you are a six year old w a mouth of wiggly teeth that make crunchy foods tricky to eat.

Day 62 of 196 – pizza lunch so just packing snacks

lunch 62

Tomorrow is pizza lunch at school so lunch is taken care of but the kids still need some healthy snacks to keep them going. My mother has been baking these cranberry orange muffins for as long as I can remember (I used to get care packages of them when I was away at university!) and they are a favourite of everyone in my family so I whipped up a batch of vegan ones for her and her sister. Alongside, I have packed a rainbow of fruit in the girls’ big dipper containers that came w their planetbox lunch boxes.

FIT TIP OF THE DAY – 50 walking lunges (step forward w right leg and bend both legs then repeat on the left. Keep chest up, back straight , knee over heel NOT toe). Questions about these lunges? Barb is happy to take a break from doing her lunges to answer your email –

Day 61 of 196 – Sushi cubes

lunch 61

My day took an unexpected turn as I returned to have snow tires installed on my car for the 3rd time, waiting for hours and then left without them!  I had to do some quick foraging in the fridge to put together healthy lunches for tomorrow. I always have rice and other grains in the panty so cooked up a pot of short grained rice and decided to put my rice cube to work.  I had a ripe avocado on the counter and a sweet potato in the fridge that I roasted and set aside for my lunch (which I did not get to because of my snow tire adventure)  and made some little sushi cubes.

For a hit of protein, I threaded some smoked tofu slices on a toothpick, sliced celery and cherry tomatoes, mango and blackberries and some callebaut pearls for a treat. Fast and nutrient packed – a perfect lunch!

Day 60 of 196 – Day 1, second attempt

lunch 60

The girls and I were working out the week’s lunch plan when my big girl requested the first lunch I packed in September – a sandwich w peaches and chèvre – since I accidentally gave her first day of school meal to her (lactose-intolerant!!) sister and she has been pining for it ever since. Tasty peaches are few and far between in November so I have packed what I hope is a tasty alternative: two tartines, both w some ricotta (that I bought still warm right from the factory – delicious), one w some blackberries and lemon zest and the other w some butternut squash and sage. Alongside, carrot strips and green beans, edamame and cherry tomatoes, a mandarin Orange and some enormous blush-coloured grapes. A few  bunnies round out this technicolor meal. I will be packing a second dairy free for my little daughter and then labelling both lunches very very carefully!

FIT TIP OF THE DAY – 1 min plank (on elbows, lift legs off floor, only toes touch the ground, legs straight, pull abs in tightly towards back). Barb Rosenberg, trainer and all round fitness expert, is happy to address your questions about the fit tip –

Day 59 of 196 – My favourite lunch

lunch 59

We were treated to a balmy and warm day that had me thinking of my favourite summer lunch – salad rolls! They are delicious and a terrific way to use up the odd carrot, cucumber or whatever else is asking to be eaten in your fridge. I rolled these rolls up with some brown rice noodles, spinach, carrots, cucumber, green beans and tofu and put them on a bed of carrots that I spiralized. The carrots will hopefully be eaten but will also keep the rolls from sticking to the kids’ lunch boxes.  I mixed up a tangy tamarind dipping sauce for the rolls and packed up some dehydrated corn, seaweed and edamame crackers, rambutan and delicious and sweet golden dragon fruit. For a treat – a handful of candied sunflower seeds that I picked up at Trader Joes.

FIT TIP OF THE DAY: 100 jumping jacks (have fun w this one – clap your hands at the top!). @barbrosenberg is taking your calls about the FIT TIP –

Day 58 of 196 – The dream lunch

lunch 58

The weather is changing and my soup pot is perpetually on the stove cooking up something warm and nourishing. I made this vegan curried sweet potato soup with veggies from my CSA share and packed it for lunch with some pomegranate airls for a burst of sweetness and a bit of crunch.  I packed this with some toasted slices of our favourite baguette, some raita, green beans, carrots, mango and dragon fruit.  A few gummy bears round out the meal for a treat (although I suspect they are eaten well before everything else!).  My daughter and fit tip demonstrator declared this to be her “dream lunch”. Magic!

FIT TIP OF THE DAY – 30 tricep dips (heel of hand on any firm surface, slide butt off and drop down, bend elbow and straighten back up. Legs straight is more challenging). Have feedback about the FIT TIP? Barb Rosenberg is happy to help –

Day 57 of 196 – Breakfast for lunch

lunch 57The girls caught me by surprise on our drive home from school. Instead of telling me nothing or everything about school, they asked me to make them breakfast for lunch for the following day. I am happy to take requests – means that they are getting what they want for lunch and easier for me than guessing what they might like.

When we got home, our CSA share was being delivered so we opened it up and decided to roast some apples for the waffles. I pureed the apples and then folded them into some vegan waffle batter and cooked them up in my waffle iron. I served them up with some grade c maple syrup -so dark and flavourful, homemade cranberry sauce that we made while the waffles cooked, cucumbers, candy cane beet slices, oranges and mandarins and a few enormous chocolate chips.