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Day 148 of 196 – sandwiches on sticks

lunch 148 I am short one lunch box making lunches today – one of my girls is at a play date – but am making both lunches (and combined them here for the pic) and will transfer her food when she gets home.

My kids are not big sandwich fans and usually take them apart to eat them. I do not know why they do this, but life can be mysterious! I have come across lots of pics on pinterest of sandwich kabobs and thought my kids would like them. They are a great lunch box option because they only require assembly – no cooking required – and also novel and fun for them.

For the my cheese loving kid I threaded some ancient grains bread, basil, a tomato and a ball of Buffalo bocconcini on to a skewer. I also packed her a container w two kinds of pesto for dipping – basil and a sundried tomato and olive pesto. For the my dairy-free kid (who luckily doesn’t really like cheese), a skewer of bread, tofu, tomato and cucumber. Both kids have a rainbow of carrots and some fruit to wrap up this 148th lunch of the school year.

Day 147 of 196 – a quick and easy lunch

lunch 147 I usually pack lunch the night before school – mornings can be frantic and I like to streamline what we have to do after everyone drags themselves out of bed –   but with too much to do last night, I left it to this morning.  Luckily my kids have very modest breakfast requests so this is achievable even if I have to come home to sink of dirty dishes later in the day. 

I strategically chose a quick  and simple vegan meal: glutenfree millet and rice noodles w some edamame for protein and a bunch of greenery: pea shoots, celery and kale. The noodles cook in about 5 minutes and to speed things up even more, I boil a kettle of water, transfer the boiling water into the pot, turn on the gas and can immediately cook!  The edamame come shelled and frozen so I tossed a handful of them at the bottom of the colander and they cooked when I drained the noodles overtop of them.  I dressed the mixture with a drizzle of oil, a bit of tamari and a squeeze of lime juice for a hit of brightness.  

I added some carrots and cucumber, a few apple slices sprinkled w cinnamon and two banana and oat muffin tops that my little daughter made at a cooking class this weekend. Looks like they just baked spoonfuls muffin batter on a cookie sheet and ended up with the best part of the muffin – so clever!!

Day 145 of 196 – Cubes of tofu and rice (it is actually exciting)

lunch 145Earlier this year, I bought a little red plastic tool called a rice cube. It is an innovative product that allows you to turn any malleable food into a cube. We have used it for rice, various grains, falafel and even muffins! for lunch 145, I mixed up some tofu and rice, packed it into the cubes, dusted it with corn starch and crisped them in a pan with some oil.  In order to get them to stick, the rice was overcooked slightly and the tofu was already marinated which gave it all a sticky texture. My children honestly devoured the cubes while I was making them that I resorted to making more rice and making them for dinner.

Packed these crispy cubes along with some broccoli and tomatoes, sheets of nori and pineapple and grapes.

Day 144 of 196 – Sweet potato waffles

lunch 144Breakfast for lunch for the middle of the week. I had some leftover roasted sweet potato from the kale lentil pockets I made yesterday and decided to fold it into some glutenfree, buckwheat and flax waffle batter for the girls. They are just slightly sweet from the sweet potato and a great finger food for school. I am packing the waffles w a smoothie that we will whip up in the blender in the morning – likely some banana, frozen berries, hemp protein and soy milk – and will send them in insulated bottles. The girls really like to take smoothies to school and manage somehow to sip them at their desks. Both of their teachers allow the kids to have water bottles with them – there have been compelling studies about how hydrated kids learn more effectively – and haven’t questioned the contents of these bottles!  

Finally, some carrot sticks, roasted chickpeas and a square of delicious 80% organic chocolate. My little daughter cannot believe how giant the piece of chocolate is (it isn’t really – but she is thrilled) and I am stuck on the manufacturer’s name that sounds like a terrible medical condition.

Day 143 of 196 – Sweet potato, kale and lentil pockets

lunch 143I have been eyeing a recipe on the thekitchn for lentil, kale and sweet potato pockets for a couple of years and finally decided to take the plunge and make them this afternoon. I took a couple of shortcuts – I bought some multigrain dough (w oats, flax seeds and other good stuff from Whole Foods) and I had some steamed lentils on hand. I added some smoked tofu to up the protein and the results were worth the effort. Even better, they freeze well and if the reviews are any indication, they will be even better after they thaw.

I packed some fruit and giant Incan corn alongside as well as 3 lego candies for a treat and for which I cannot make any health claims!!

Day 142 of 196 – Back to bread and beans!

lunch 142With Passover behind us, we have jumped back on the bread, corn and legume train. Lunch tomorrow will be a thermos full of some smoky vegan baked beans I made this afternoon. I modified an Alton Brown recipe to speed up the cooking time (a lesson in why you should read thru a recipe carefully before starting it) and also decided to hold the bacon. The result is like what I remember eating as a child but that much better. The beans are packed w a couple of corn bread mini muffins we whipped up, some carrot and radish coins, cucumber slices, a mandarin and a few massive and juicy blueberries!!

Day 141 – The LAST Passover lunch of 2015!

lunch 141This is the last Kosher for Passover school lunch I will be packing this year and I cannot say that I am disappointed! The girls have wanted pasta all week long and so I relented and bought a box of kosher pasta. Like yesterday’s pizzas not really tasting like pizza, this stuff bears little resemblance to pasta but will hopefully thrill them tomorrow. I tossed the pasta w some steamed broccoli and some olive oil infused w lemon. Packed this w some veggies and fruit and a couple of pieces of chocolate matzo that my sister kindly dropped off after I had deliberately given all of ours away!!!

Day 140 of 196 – Passover day 3: cauliflower pizza crust pizza

lunch 140Another lunchbox of Kosher for Passover goodness. My kids have been craving pizza and pasta all week and so here is the best I can do for now. Made some mini vegan cauliflower pizza crusts  and topped them w dairyfree and nutfree pesto as well as some cherry tomatoes that I gave a quick toss in a pan w some olive oil and and salt and pepper.  Cauliflower pizza crusts have been making the rounds on the internet and they are pretty simple to make – finely chop a head of cauliflower and cook in a dry pan until it is tender. Let the cauliflower cool and then wrap it in a clean dish towel and squeeze out all of the water.  Be patient – unlike me – and wait until it has fully cooled before trying to squeeze out the boiling hot liquid because it is, just that, boiling hot! Transfer the cauliflower to the bowl of a food processor.  Next add a couple of eggs or a couple of chia eggs (2 Tbsp of chia seeds + 6 Tbsp of water), the seasoning of your choice (garlic, dried or fresh herbs, salt and pepper) and some parmesan or nutritional yeast. Pulse the mixture until is smooth. Transfer the “dough” onto a parchment lined baking sheet and roast it in a 375 F oven until it is golden brown.  Flip it (carefully) and roast again. Finally, top it with your favourite pizza toppings and cook it again.

This is definitely not pizza but is definitely tasty. This is accompanied by some parsnips that roasted in the oven (and turned into flowers!), balls of bocconcini on a skewer and some cantaloupe and pomegranate airls. A few chunks of dark chocolate round out this lunch for the 140th day of school!!

Day 139 of 196 – kosher for Passover lunch day 2

lunch 139Luckily this is a short week with only 4 lunches to pack! My kids get really excited for Passover and seeing their cousins, the 8 of them running around the house like wild animals, but they are not so excited about the food. I am doing my best to make it fun, tasty and healthy.

I have packed some fritters for lunch today. Made them up with some roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower and quinoa and a handful of chia seeds to help bind them.  Fritters are always great for our family seders because they freeze so well  – I just need to heat them up and serve them at dinner time – and I discovered this year that I can bake them with healthier and faster results!   I made a fresh batch up because they are a great lunch time finger good all year round and a good way to get my kids to eat their veggies without resistance.  I have packed them with some minty labneh and pomegranate airls.   Alongside are some kosher tam tams  – little matzo crackers – some fruit and some veggies. Only 2 more lunches to go!