Monthly Archives: December 2015

Day 45 of 196 – Savoury rolls

Lunch 45I had some whole wheat dough leftover from the calzones I made last week and decided to make some savoury rolls for lunch with some roasted squash and caramelized onions. While the dough defrosted and came up to room temperature, I roasted up some squash in a hot oven and caramelized some onion on the stove top. While I waited for the veggies to cool, I rolled the dough out into a rectangle and let it rest for a few minutes.  Next, I pureed the squash and spread a layer on the dough, added some onions and rolled it up into a cylinder. I sliced the cylinder into 2 inch sections and packed all of them into a greased pan. I let this rise for about an hour and then baked the rolls in a 350 oven until they were golden.

They smell great and will quick and easy to eat before my little one has a lunch time swim practice. I packed some edamame for protein, tomatoes and some fruit to round out this meatless lunch.

Day 44 of 196 – Homemade pasta!

Lunch 44I picked up what appears to be a magic machine over the weekend! I was gifted a pasta machine last spring and I have used it more than I ever expected to. Next week I will be teaching some friends how to make pasta and because of a scheduling glitch (there isn’t any school on the date I selected) – but what I am looking at as an opportunity – their kids will also be welcome to join us. We suddenly have a larger group than I anticipated so I figured I needed another machine for people to use.

I headed north of the city to an enormous depot that sells all kinds of fresh seafood but also has the biggest selection of Italian foods I have ever encountered (outside of Italy and and Eataly of course). I was planning on just getting another machine to crank out sheets of pasta until a cavatelli machine caught my eye.  I bought it and headed right back home. I waited about 3 minutes before tearing open the box and making up a batch of cavatelli and was completely amazed! The egg-free dough is stiffer than the pasta dough I usually make and instead of feeding in a sheet of pasta that gets gradually thinner, you simply need to feed in thickish strip of dough and the machine spits out little cavatelli. It is truly magical!  I made up a batch of pasta to bring with us as a hostess gift and then went on to make another batch with spinach over the weekend. This could be my favourite kitchen machine!!

This school lunch is all set for Monday: homemade spinach cavatelli w some garlic and diced tomato, cucumbers and carrots, some fresh fruit and a few of the best cookies ever – @doriegreenspan buckwheat and chocolate sables. Made a batch this afternoon and quickly packed most up to take as a hostess gift tonight and the rest in the lunch box. Dangerously good!

Day 43 of 196 – Calzone of desperation

Lunch 43This is the last school lunch of the week and I was running short on inspiration. Pizza and its relatives are always a good bet, so I whipped up some whole wheat dough and made up some calzones. The dough recipe is so simple (it is from @weelicious) and I will freeze the rest for future use.  The key to success with whole wheat dough, in my limited experience, is a relatively fine flour. Bob’s Red Mill flours have recently popped up at my local  supermarket and I have been using the regular and pastry versions of their whole wheat flour. Both have delivered great results!

I stuffed these calzones w cannellini beans, kale pesto and sundried tomatoes. Packed some fruit on the side including some sweet slices of fuyu persimmon. Not sure if my kids have had this before – will have to see if they come back home uneaten or not.