Monthly Archives: January 2016

Day 62 of 196 – lunch on the go

Day 62Lunch all set for an action packed day at school. Both kids will be out of school for the day – one on a field trip and the other at a swim meet so need an easy to transport lunchbox to take with them when they walk to their destinations. Packed a little loaf of vegan gluten free buckwheat banana bread, a selection of fresh veggies, a hard boiled egg and will whip up a couple of fruity smoothies in the morning

Day 61 of 196 – Granola parfaits for lunch

Day 61Breakfast for lunch: made some granola this afternoon (intended for breakfast) and the girls asked to have it packed up for school lunch tomorrow. The granola is a mix of oats, quinoa flakes, hemp hearts, seeds, dried cherries, cacao nibs and spices. I have packed it with some coconut yogurt for one kid and will pack it with some Greek yogurt for the other. Added some fruit to mix in and some little cucumbers for crunch. Added a few chocolate buttons for a treat.

Day 59 of 196 – Warm soup for a chilly day

Day 59Soup on tap for #school tomorrow. Made up a big batch of smokey  (from smoked paprika and some fire roasted tomatoes) minestrone for dinner and for lunch tomorrow. Packed w veggies, chickpeas and cannellini beans for protein, some wild garlic noodles and a tomatoey broth to warm us all up. The soup will be warmed up and packed in a thermos, the rest in the lunchbox. Added a wedge of olive bread and some fruit and should do the trick on the first day of December!!

Day 57 of 196 – Seasonal salad

Day 57This lunch box is packed for freedom Friday! A seasonal salad in a jar: pickled persimmon (lovely recipe from the Zahav cookbook – yum), baby kale, chickpeas, sundried tomatoes and some roasted purple potato and squash. Added a bottle of preserved lemon vinaigrette, some fruit and this kid is good to go for the last day of the week

Day 56 of 196 – Swim meet fuel

Day 56My little daughter has her first swim meet tomorrow – she is excited and nervous (she has described this feeling as nervosity or “nexcite” if you speak French – so I have packed her favourite high energy foods to help her fly through the water: inari w brown rice, edamame, carrots, a few slices of a massive honeycrisp apple and a little piece of 70% dark chocolate

Day 55 of 196 – Energy salad and energy balls

Day 55My big kid has caught on to the fact that I put her favourite stuff at the bottom but luckily she still wants these jars for lunch. From the bottom: brown rice, green peas, purple cabbage, sundried tomatoes, marinated tofu and some baby spinach on top. Will pack a little bottle of Meyer lemon vinaigrette to dress it at lunchtime. Packed a few pumpkin seed coated energy balls that I whipped up this afternoon and some slices of honey crisp apple

Day 54 of 196 – Green eggs, no ham

Day 54Lunch all packed for Tuesday. An accidental rainbow of a lunch box: spinach frittata (eggs, soy milk and spinach whirled in the blender until it was uniformly green and then poured it into an oiled pan and baked it at 425 until it was set), sweet pepper slices, apple and raspberry rice cakes, fruit and a few little sweets for a treat

Day 53 of 196 – Soup and a cardamom scented roll

Day 53Got a jump on Monday and packed school lunch as I begin to make dinner. We had a little flurry of snow in Toronto today so a warming meal is on the menu for school: I will warm up some of this delicious and protein packed red lentil and tomato soup in a thermos for my girls in the morning and pop it into their lunch bags w some fruit and a cardamom and cinnamon roll I made earlier. The perfect way to start off the week (in my mind, pretty sure my kids would prefer a long weekend 😜).