Day 65 of 196 – Speedy tomato soup

Day 65Super speedy soup lunch packed for school tomorrow. Whipped up a quick pot of tomato soup (quickly sautéed some onion, carrot and celery in a pot, added some garlic after 5 minutes and then a can of tomatoes and some stock. Pureed the soup and was ready to go!) when we walked in the door. Some will be for dinner and the kids will take insulated bottles of it for lunch tomorrow. Added some edamame for protein, fruit, a handful of popcorn that we sprinkled w some cinnamon and a piece of chanukah gelt for a treat!   Popcorn is a popular lunch box item around here and since digging out my old hot air popper, my kids can whip some up themselves and then raid the pantry for a tasty topping.

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