Day 20 of 196: Apples, apples and more apples

20140927_155151522_iOSYesterday was a gloriously warm summer like day and a wonderful day to go apple picking. There are lots of apple pick-your-own farms within an hour of where we live and we usually end up at one of the smaller family-run organic farms. They are pretty low-key and they usually have apple varieties that we cannot find in the supermarket in the city. We picked about 35 pounds of apples and stored in the fridge, should keep us going for a while!

There are only so many apples you can eat out of hand so we made a couple of things with our harvest today: an apple and tomatillo salsa and some apple and apricot sauce (apples, dried apricots and cinnamon) that I reduced until it was quite thick and used it to fill some whole grain bars for the kids for school.  The bar recipe comes from the Weelicious Lunches book that has been an asset when I am stuck for ideas. The salsa is unexpectedly delicious (although much spicier than I anticipated!) and I will put it to use later this week.  The bars are tucked into lunches for tomorrow and the balance will go into the freezer for the weeks to come.


IMG_4611Lunch #20 includes some little smoked cheddar, sliced liberty apple, honey and pumpkin seed open faced sandwiches on sourdough baguette from an amazing bakery in Kensington Market called Blackbird.  My daughter ate a third of the baguette on our walk home and I had to quickly slice off enough for lunches before the rest disappeared!  My kids can be funny (not always so funny) about vegetable consumption – they will eat vegetables cut into unusual shapes, will eat them in dumplings or stuffed into pasta but will not eat them in their native form – so I sliced ribbons of yellow and orange carrots and cucumbers and rolled them up and put them into their lunch boxes. I had some amaranth microgreens from something I made last week so put them in for colour and because they are also delicious.  I also included some pomegranate, orange segments, a few bunny crackers – one looks like it is hopping off in that pic! –  and the bars we made earlier today.  This should get them off to a good start on Monday!