Day 43 of 196 – Calzone of desperation

Lunch 43This is the last school lunch of the week and I was running short on inspiration. Pizza and its relatives are always a good bet, so I whipped up some whole wheat dough and made up some calzones. The dough recipe is so simple (it is from @weelicious) and I will freeze the rest for future use.  The key to success with whole wheat dough, in my limited experience, is a relatively fine flour. Bob’s Red Mill flours have recently popped up at my local  supermarket and I have been using the regular and pastry versions of their whole wheat flour. Both have delivered great results!

I stuffed these calzones w cannellini beans, kale pesto and sundried tomatoes. Packed some fruit on the side including some sweet slices of fuyu persimmon. Not sure if my kids have had this before – will have to see if they come back home uneaten or not. 

Day 24 of 196: Quick lunch – naan pizza

IMG_4712Yesterday was an unbelievably exciting day! My older daughter and I joined the World Changers team from her school for We Day – a day celebrating the amazing work done by young people to change the world. The event was held at the Air Canada Centre and attended by 20 000 youths who had to earn their tickets – you could not buy one – through community service and outreach work.  The attendees were treated and inspired to a day of speakers ranging from an astronaut, a queen, a major news anchor, rock stars, pop stars, hip hop and rap stars and most significantly their peers speaking about what they had done and plan to do to make the world a better place.

Most of the attendees are 12 years old and older but her school  – attended by children all under 12 – integrates social action into the curriculum in such a way that the organizers invite them each year to celebrate all that they do. They are a very lucky group of kids.  It was pretty astonishing to see all of these agents of change up on stage all on one day. Before being invited to join the school group I related to my daughter what a rare and extraordinary experience she had in store for her – most people do not have the opportunity to hear many of the speakers speak even once, let alone all on one day and I doubted I would ever have this privilege.  I am still pretty amazed 18 hours after the event and am so grateful that I had this experience.

20141002_220214698_iOSBack to reality now and lunch. We had to leave the house at 6am to get to school and down to the ACC in time for the doors opening and didn’t get back home until nearly 5.  My husband and I had an event to attend in the evening so I had about an hour to get dinner and lunches made and change into something that was a bit more sophisticated than my field trip outfit! I picked up some mini garlic naan at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and tossed them in the freezer anticipating this kind of situation. I quickly made up a couple of little pizzas for the girls w pesto and tomato paste, mozzarella and some sliced mini peppers. I served this up with a scoop of the grain salad that I had for my lunch at We Day, some grapes, some nori (I seal off the section of the lunch box with plastic wrap to keep the nori crispy) and a few pieces of the same chocolate chunks as yesterday because they are the best treat ever. To think of all the time I spent sourcing out all kinds of other treats when I had these in my pantry all along!