Inspired by Vietnam and my CSA box

carrot daikon preservesWe got a bunch of daikon radishes and carrots in our CSA share this week and after a quick meal at a little Vietnamese restaurant I was inspired!  The dishes we had at the restaurant were garnished with little matchsticks of sweet and sour pickled carrots and daikon radish. They add a bright punch of flavour to every bite and when I got home I immediately googled to find a recipe to replicate them.

We took a canning and preserving workshop a few weeks ago and while it was underwhelming (the hands on component of the class required us to put a lid on a jar – that was it!), it did run through the basics and has had me thinking of how to prolong our enjoyment of the amazing produce we are consuming now.  I usually freeze bags of local August peaches that I have pitted and skinned and roast a bushel of summer tomatoes and freeze them so that we can be reminded of the warmth of July and August during the depths of winter but now that I can can, there is a great deal more that we can eat to get us through to spring.

Since botulism is no fun, I followed the recipe and steps exactly as they were set out.  The brine for this recipe is made from vinegar, sugar, salt, ginger, coriander seeds, peppercorns and some pepper flakes.  The resulting carrots and radish slices are sweet, spicy and tangy. The flavour is more complex that the ones at the Vietnamese restaurant but I think this will make them more versatile when we eat them in the snowy months to come.

I have a bag of beets from my share from a couple of weeks ago that is destined for some jars next!