Day 67 of 196 – Back on the green wagon

Day 67After a nearly 6 year long break from many green vegetables, my big kid is finally back on the green bandwagon!! We came across this recipe in Jamie magazine and after swapping out the broccoli (it doesn’t always smell so great by lunchtime) for some green beans, we whipped it up (so simple – make croutons, cook eggs, blanch veggies and toss in a pan w garlic and vinaigrette; assemble) and packed it for lunch. It is a nice vegetable and protein filled lunchtime salad. Added some cherries and kiwi and celebrated green vegetables and the last day of the week!!

Day 55 of 196 – Energy salad and energy balls

Day 55My big kid has caught on to the fact that I put her favourite stuff at the bottom but luckily she still wants these jars for lunch. From the bottom: brown rice, green peas, purple cabbage, sundried tomatoes, marinated tofu and some baby spinach on top. Will pack a little bottle of Meyer lemon vinaigrette to dress it at lunchtime. Packed a few pumpkin seed coated energy balls that I whipped up this afternoon and some slices of honey crisp apple

Day 41 of 196 – Jar salad silliness

Day 41Another salad in a jar for my big kid –  it looks pretty and pretty food is important to her and I am happy to indulge. My little one thinks this whole jar business is beyond silly and her lunch is essentially the same but packed (said with great emphasis and hand gesturing) FLAT. It is even nicer than yesterday so I have packed a sunny meal (from the bottom): blackberries, mint, strawberries, carrots, chèvre, quinoa and baby chard all dressed w a white balsamic vinaigrette. An entire healthy meal all bundled together in one container!!

Day 34 of 196 – Greek salad in a jar

Day 34Another school day, another salad in a jar! Today I packed my big kid a greek salad in a jar. She came across a jar salad like this one a couple of years ago and I was reluctant to send her to school with a glass jar but I think she is careful enough now to do this regularly.  This one starts off with a layer of barley, topped with cucumbers, yogurt mixed with lemon and salt and pepper, carrots, tomatoes, sugar snap peas and most important to her – some crumbled feta and olives!  Packed her a handful of pita chips and some fruit to round out this lunch.

Day 30 of 196 – Middle eastern lunch

Day 30This jar is composed of some salads we will have for dinner tonight: broccoli tabule, carrots w black chickpeas and mint, roasted cauliflower and pomegranate and some roasted corn. Packed some whole grain pita and a delicious roasted pepper and feta dip that my daughter spotted in her favourite kids’ cooking and fitness magazine Chop Chop.  It was very straightforward and easy for her to make on her own – just a combination of roasted red pepper, lemon, feta, olive oil and a couple of her own additions: lemon thyme and smoked paprika. Very delicious and she did it on her own!  Cooking and even better, cooking something delicious, gives kids such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. My daughter smiled and her chest swelled with pride when she tasted how great this dip was.  A handful of fruit rounds out this delicious school lunch.

Day 29 of 196 – Another salad in a jar

Day 29Salads in jars seem to be the key to my big kid eating lots of veggies so I whipped up another one for her but switched up the ingredients from the other day. Food in jars does look so pretty and is so trendy which is probably a big part of the appeal to my 10 year old! This jar is made up of the following layers: fregola (a round pasta) with some kale pesto, sprouts, chick peas, cherry tomatoes and tiny little balls of bocconcini. I packed her a couple of fennel scented crackers and a selection of seasonal fruit.  This took all of 10 minutes to pull together and got me a two thumbs up when she left for school!

Day 28 of 196 – Super salad in a jar

Day 28Last summer I had a salad in a jar – a peach and arugula caprese –  from a vending machine in Chicago. It was so tasty and I loved the idea of getting healthy food on the go like that.  There were vending machines like the one I visited all over the city and I cannot wait to see this trend spread all over the world.  When my copy of Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Super Food arrived last month there was a fantastic looking set of meals in jars and my daughter tagged the page for a future lunch.

I whipped up the Moroccan Salad for her for tomorrow and for our dinner tonight, although not in jars 😁.  It is composed of the following layers: whole wheat couscous, pomegranate airls, yogurt mixed w chopped preserved lemon, greens, chickpeas, carrots, mint and coriander and some feta. The original recipe calls for some nuts and sesame seeds but left them out to keep this suitable for school and nut free My other kid will eat the same thing but in her usual lunch box – she’ll skip the yogurt and cheese to keep this dairy free – and will deconstruct it because she prefers that her food not be all mixed up. Packed a wedge of olive bread and some fruit to round out lunch for the last day of the week!!

Day 44 of 196: Speed lunch packing

lunch 44We had a busy weekend – Halloween on Friday, a regular but good Saturday and then a swim meet on Sunday afternoon. After the meet, we had a family dinner and then finally stumbled back home at nearly 8pm and hustled the kids into bed.  I had been out all day with all the excitement of the swim meet, hadn’t given much thought about lunch so went into my pantry to make a plan.

For lunch on Sunday, I made a big salad with roasted fall veggies from our CSA box – butternut squash, carrots, leeks, cauliflower – and some purple kale and green grapes. There were some leftovers in the fridge that I thought could be the starting point of lunch.  I usually have boxes of par-cooked grains on hand. They are so convenient because they cook in about 10 minutes and you can always transform odds and ends in your fridge into a wholesome salad in minutes.  I cooked up a box of a 5 grain mix and put a bed of the grains in each lunch box. I topped the grains with the veggies from the fridge and then just added some extra fruit and veggies: cucumber, pineapple, raspberries and a few pita crackers and some chocolate, of course, for a treat!


FIT TIP OF THE DAY 50 sit ups (lie on floor legs straight, sit up and roll down slowly keeping belly sucked in, swing arms overhead to help get you up). Questions/comments/concerns about the FIT TIP? Barb is always delighted to help –