Day 38 of 196: No lunches, just snacks

snacksToday is pizza lunch at school. The parent council raises money for different school programs by selling pizza for lunch on a monthly basis and it is fun and exciting for the kids and also a nice break from packing lunch. At this point in the year, I have not yet started craving a break from lunch packing but was also not disappointed to not have to pack up school lunches today. In addition to lunch, the kids take a couple of snacks to eat mid morning and mid afternoon. The mid morning snack is particularly important for my kids because they don’t eat much for breakfast and are probably very hungry by the time 1015 rolls around.

I have a lot of pears on hand and for some unknown reason the kids love apples but don’t like pears.  They do tolerate them in baked goods, so I baked some ginger and pear muffins and reduced my pear inventory by two. I try to keep a bunch of muffins on hand, in the freezer, to grab for snacks so that they have different muffins most days and to spare me a frantic search for something, anything, to pack for snack. I set aside a couple of these muffins after they came out of the oven and put the rest in a big zipper top bag in the freezer for another day.

We are having a big crowd over for dinner tonight to celebrate my mother’s birthday so I have an unusually big selection of fruit that is intended for a fruit plate for dessert. I cut up some of it and packed it into a container for one snack and then tossed some edamame into another container. Back to the fruit – I found fresh jujubes at the supermarket today and they are amazing! I have tried dried ones before and didn’t like them but was blown away by the fresh fruit. It is crisp like an apple but so much sweeter. I am disappointed that I did not buy more and will sadly have to disappoint my guests tonight since we ate all of them before they had a chance to make it to the fruit platter!

Today’s fit tip: 30 tricep dips (heel of hand on any firm surface, slide butt off and drop down bend elbow and straighten back up, legs straight is more challenging). Feel free to email personal trainer Barb Rosenberg with any questions about the FIT TIP